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Welcome to WFO Radio Podcast!

Host, Joe Castello, and his cast of characters have built a following of race fans, racers, and industry leaders that connect multiple times each week on WFO Radio.

The 2020 season, while a difficult one for the world, forced meaningful innovation and the WFO Radio Podcast expanded into “Live Streaming”. The flagship show, NHRA Nitro, has become a multifaceted social media experience with “live” participation from around the world. You truly never know what is going to happen next! 

Here’s how it works, if you want to listen to the shows in podcast form, as most of the audience does, hover over the “Subscribe” menu. This will show the many places you can get WFO. It all depends on where you get your other podcasts. Let’s face it, Apple is the big dog since they invented podcasting, but Spotify and Soundcloud are also favorites. Each show is also posted here on our website, so you can watch or listen.

We have Ignition!

The Ignition show is audio only for a reason. Staying true to his roots, WFO Joe has continued his talk radio style show for those fans who cannot watch a screen and believe in theater of the mind. Plus, the cast doesn’t want to get dressed to do the show. Trust us, it’s better that way!

Ignition has become a favorite with our fans, known as the “WFO Universe”, because there is no strict topic or format. Sports, current events, space, science, engineering and good old fashioned car talk wrapped in a package with the latest motosports results created a truly unique talk show experience.

Get Started!

Pick a show, click play. It’s just that simple. The “Podcast” section in the menu is the full archive and will list every show in the order of most recent. You can dig in and find a discussion of nearly every major moment in the last decade of NHRA Drag Racing. So whether you are a die hard fan, or you just want to have some laughs with a cool group of people, WFO Radio has you covered. 


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