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Updated: Tony Stewart Confronts Heckler at Chili Bowl



As it turns out, this was no ordinary heckler. 

The Tulsa World has reported the heckler was Cpl. Kyle Hess, who was an off-duty member of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Dept.

Sheriff’s Deputy Justin Green told the Tulsa World that the Sheriff’s Office is investigating Hess’ conduct to determine if he acted inappropriately. 

Green said that after looking at the video he doubts any charges will be filed against the 44-year-old driver or Hess, but also told the newspaper “We’re all held to a higher standard, even off duty,”

A Sheriff’s spokesperson said the investigation is not expected to be completed until this coming week.



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This Tony Stewart video is an example of something that WFO Radio has always been very conflicted about. Fanning the flames of negativity. Fights, brawls, and negative viral videos have never really been our style (At least not on the website). That having been said, maybe we should do more? Our listeners love Tony Stewart, and he is one of the most well known names in NASCAR racing, so perhaps anything that happens involving Tony should be WFO news? In this case, it appears that Tony has entered the stands at the Tulsa Expo Center during the Chili Bowl to confront a fan, that according to reports “flipped him the bird”. If that is indeed the case, Tony Stewart, as well liked as he is, has once again stepped over the line. An athlete cannot physically confront a fan. We will discuss thoroughly on WFO Ignition. Share your opinions on the WFO Caller line 954-889-6796. The link to coverage of the Tony Stewart video from Bleacher Report is below. 


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