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WFO Radio NHRA Nitro 2019 Episode 46

NHRA Nitro Auto Club Finals and Awards Ceremony.


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One thought on “WFO Radio NHRA Nitro 2019 Episode 46

  1. Dallas Copley

    Hello my wife and I love drag racing and every time it is on if we can we watch. And thank you to everyone that has allowed you to put it on tv. A lot of us are not able to go because of a lot different issues, but we thank each and everyone for allowing this to happen. But after watching the finals Sunday and the way the silver spoon boy conducted himself, I just cannot believe that NHRA did nothing. Who has money and who don’t sends a Big message to me and my household. I dont know if I will even watch NHRA next year. That is the reason why I quit watching Nascar but I wonder how much NHRA got from the Torrance family. You got all these rules and dont stand by them. Just one question, what if it was Torrance that got shove in the face? I bet things would be TOTALLY DIFFERENT. NHRA AND Torrance you are made for each other!


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