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WFO Radio NHRA Nitro Podcast 2019 Episode 07

NHRA Nitro gets to know Top Fuel rookie Austin Prock [21:30]; Bo Butner [50:50] stops by for his Winternationals winnerview; Blake Alexander [1:17:00] talks about returning to Funny Car; and Doug Vancil [1:42:50] discusses winning back to back Winternationals in Top Fuel Harley. NHRA’s Alan Reinhart and host Joe Castello preview the Magic Dry NHRA Arizona Nationals.

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One thought on “WFO Radio NHRA Nitro Podcast 2019 Episode 07

  1. Thomas Parson

    Joe, i was disappointed to hear you characterize the people complaining about nhra.tv and all access as basically whiners and telling us to man up. I am sure you realize we are paying for a service and can reasonably expect to use that service.

    With all the hype about the NEW Nhra.tv I expected better. It isn’t. I paid for a subscription thru the ios app and the money was deducted from my bank account. So far, after three weeks my account still shows I have no current subscription. Emails have gone unanswered since the first (probably automated) saying they got my issue and were escalating it. Two weeks and nothing.

    Is this the customer service you are saying we should not complain about? Would you accept a car dealer selling you an oil change and not actually doing it? You just said you do your own to avoid problems. Would you accept it from your cleaners? Your ISP? What about the server company that hosts WFO? I think you would expect what you pay for to work just like we do. So don’t be running us down as negative nellies.

    In fact some people consider a company taking money and not providing what was promised as Fraud. I don’t think you really want to be enthusiastically endorsing a company that uses those business practices.


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