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WFO Radio NHRA Nitro Podcast 09/27/2016



NHRA AAA Midwest Nationals Winners Edition featuring Shawn Langdon [44:00], Jack Beckman [1:03:45], Alex Laughlin [1:31:00], Jerry Savoie [1:31:00], and “Turbo” Terry Smith [3:13:45]. Candida Benson from NHRA National Dragster gives her “Maple Grove” preview [2:11:30]. 3x Top Fuel champion Larry Dixon [2:35:45] is back behind the wheel. Seth Angel from RaceDayScore.com talks NHRA fantasy [2:54:15] for the Dodge Nationals and the NHRA’s Alan Reinhart and Joe Castello recap the AAA MIdwest Nationals and get ready for Maple Grove.


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One thought on “WFO Radio NHRA Nitro Podcast 09/27/2016

  1. Mike Rammelt

    Good news LD, for you and the Santo Team. Joe you do an excellent job.
    Talking about clutch discs. Having worked for one of the worlds largest manufactures of friction material. They are all different. Jack is right on the money. Even the same pad from the same company will vary according to the base material that is used from the same supplier in the same country. Forget if it’s sourced elsewhere or if someone fills the hopper a bit more, it will change.

    When teams start to explore using Fluid Couplers (like giant torque converters that are adjustable) then we will see the hit n miss go from the bell housing.


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