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NASCAR Picks 02/23/2019

The WFO Radio NASCAR Handicappers make their picks for the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 from Atlanta Motor Speedway. Check out the picks to find out who will be WINNING!

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One thought on “NASCAR Picks 02/23/2019

  1. Jonathan Moran

    Jonathan from San Diego, first saw the Episode number and wondered if aliens had taken over the episode dates. It’s like when you walk into your local supermarket like you do every week hitting each isle with out thinking grabbing what you need no time wasted , but this time you stop 10 ft. in turn look back at the parking lot, OK that’s the same. then you hang your head down and mutter DAM IT! they changed the store around again, ya know like the deli is now the frozen food, the dairy is now the baby food section. it’s been 18 min. and still haven’t found the alcohol.
    Joined the fantasy league since Joe’s great effort to get singed up properly (don’t really like Nascar ,love f1, NHRA, go to Pomona for both races Saturday, and Sunday countdown, just getting back to indycar after tony George destroyed the best open wheel series with 5 different chassis mfg. and 4 engine mfg.) Gio i corrected my fantasy team MISS SHIFT BENT VALVE I’ve been spelling value for 40 plus yr’s as a high tech vacuum ind.,motorcycle tech, and automotive equipment service. one final question What is the WORKING gas in the internal combustion engine? WFO Hole-shots it Every Episode. (note in 30 yrs of asking the question that even covers dealership, and independent techs 1 person was close. too many techs fix symptoms and do not look for the real cause if they did customers wouldn’t be upset when it does again with in 30 days. WFO JOE


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